I Will Wait For You + Love Across The Miles

I Will Wait For You
To: McKie ~ From: Afisha

Dear McKie,

As the day fades away and slips into night, I find myself once again clinging to my prayers. Every night I pray to God that he will keep you in his arms. I pray that he keeps you out of harm's way until we can finally be together again.

It sometimes seems so unfair that they kept you longer than they said they would. I realized when you love a soldier you can not expect anything. You asked me what I want to do about us. Well, my sweetheart, I do not want us to end.

Just because we will not be able to see each other for a long time doesn’t mean we have to give up hope. If you really love someone, the time and distance apart should not make a difference. Two years is not that long. I can wait.

I will wait for you. I wouldn't care how long I would have to wait. I would wait forever if that’s what it takes! I love you, so you have my answer. I feel the same way you do.

I love you Mckie. I have loved you for a very long time, and I don’t think I am going to stop loving you anytime soon.

Love always,


Love Across The Miles
To: Ally ~ From: Richard

Dear Ally,

I'm usually not the kind of person that would write a love letter, but I thought i'd do this for you because you are the the most wonderful thing in my life right now. I know we're far apart -- you're In Malta, and I'm in England -- but hey, like I said, distance means so little when you love someone so much. I was just talking to a friend about you and explaining how you are on my mind 24/7. I can't eat, sleep, walk, drive, or even work without thinking about you. You are in my thoughts all the time. I'd tell you you're in my heart, but I don't feel like that would be right, because my heart is not mine anymore -- it belongs to you. You are sweet, loving, caring, beautiful, and you make me feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. I need you to know I am with you through everything, the bad and the good. I've given you my heart and I hope that you won't break it. Keep it and give it some loving from time to time. Remember when I promised you that I'd never let you down, that i'd never treat you bad, that I would share your joy and pain? I will promise all those things over and over again. Don't worry about what other people say, I know how I feel towards you, and you know how you feel towards me, so just ignore them. I Hope you enjoy this! Happy New Year my love, and hopefully many more to come!!

Love always,


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