While We’re Apart + I Love You My Angel

While We’re Apart
To: Babe ~ From: Cheryl

Dear Babe,

I know that the next week or so will be very hard on our relationship. I've been thinking of it a lot these past few weeks. The more I think about it, the more I know I have made the right choice. I once told you that if you really loved someone, then everything would work out just fine…that if our love was strong we could make it through anything. I have realized that is what true love is all about.

I want you to know that while you are gone I will be completely faithful to you. You will NEVER have to worry about that. You have completely taken my heart. It's funny, because I told myself I would never fall in love again. Yet when I was least expecting it I fell the hardest. I have finally found my partner. No matter what we may face, I will NEVER give up on our love. I know that God brought us together. No doubt about it, we were just meant to be. I love you, I will love you forever.

Love always,

Your Baby Girl Sheryl

I Love You My Angel
To: My Angel ~ From: Sherry

Dear My Angel,

I love you more than words can say. My heart will always belong to you. The two of us have been through a lot together, but my love for you stands as strong today as it ever has. Now that you're far away in a place filled with heartless violent people, I miss you more and more every day. I think back on the times we had together and the happy days you and I shared, but those times are all now memories. But, just remember one thing: I will always love you.

Love always,


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